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Mobile Couponing Solution & Services


Set up campaign with a mobile coupon

Your promotion is connected at a coupon landing page that contains through Retail Rush distributed barcodes, unique and personal! These barcodes correspond to the terms and conditions applicable to the campaign: the product chosen, the discount, the campaign period and the redemption locations at retailers. For issuing of unique and personal barcodes a license for the Retail Rush Mobile Couponing platform is needed.

For the creation of a coupon landing page you can either use your own coupon landing page platform or can get a license on Retail Rush Mobile Couponing platform. In the latter case, you can choose to do the set up, project management and creation of the landing page yourself or we can help you with that.


Distribution of a campaign

Link your campaign to your owned or paid media channels, such as email, display, social, shopping apps, online folders and Point of Sale (POS) materials.



The customer sees the offer on the coupon page and claims the personal, unique barcode by storing it in the mobile wallet or receiving it by e-mail. At checkout in the store, he or she shows the coupon and the cashier scans the barcode. The unique barcode can also be redeemed at e-commerce payment systems. Embrace the power of omnichannel marketing and unlock new opportunities for your business with coupons.


Validation of the coupon

The validation and redemption systems of our partners validate the unique coupon. As the specified promotional conditions have been met, the discount is being processed.


For small and medium retailers we have a web application; POS integrations with almost all major international retailers and brands.



From each mobile coupon campaign, we report: clicks on landing page, coupons issued, coupons claimed, coupons redeemed in-store or online; reported by store.


Insights & learnings

By using our reporting data and combining this data with other data sources, our partners can evaluate the performance of the mobile couponing campaigns and optimize for better results.

Key benefits of the Retail Rush Mobile Couponing Solution are:

Laser-focused customer targeting

Seamlessly reach your desired audience by leverage advanced targeting capabilities, allowing you to tailor mobile coupons to specific demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviours, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Increased ROI with customizable campaigns

Create highly personalized mobile coupon campaigns that align with your brand's objectives, driving higher return on investment (ROI) as you connect with the right customers, boost conversions, and maximize revenue potential.

Tim Koopmans, CEO

"Targeted marketing made effortless: empower your retail business with precision mobile couponing solution"

General statistics for evaluation

Coupon downloads

Measure the number of people who download the mobile coupon from various channels, such as social media, email, or SMS.

Coupon views

Track how many times the mobile coupon is viewed by customers.

Coupon redemption rate

Measure the percentage of customers who redeem the mobile coupon in-store or online.

Coupon conversion rate

Tracks the percentage of customers who make a purchase after redeeming the mobile coupon.

Average transaction value

Calculate the average value of purchases made by customers who redeemed the mobile coupon.

Return on investment (ROI)

Measure the revenues generated by the campaign compared to the cost of running it.

Customer acquisition costs (CAC)

Calculate the cost of acquiring each new customer through the mobile couponing campaign.

Customer demographics

Collect information about the age, gender, location, and other characteristics of customers who redeem the mobile coupon to better understand the target audience and tailor future campaigns.

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