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Top 15 Coupon Stats You Must Know in 2023!

Updated: Jun 29

Top 15 Coupon stats 2023 You Must Know in 2023:

90%+ of digital coupon users access vouchers via smartphones. (Insider Intelligence)

Over 337 million digital coupons were redeemed in the US in 2021. (Statista)

Nearly 50% of Americans discover coupons through brand emails or online searches. (Statista)

Digital coupon redemption is at 33.3%, surpassing "free-standing inserts." (Statista)

14% of American millennials use coupon aggregators while online shopping. (Statista)

93% of US shoppers consider discounts important when making purchase decisions. (Criteo)

Digital coupon redemptions will reach $91 billion by 2022. (Juniper Research)

Walgreens saw an 80% rise in digital coupon redemptions during the pandemic. (The Wall Street Journal)

83% of consumers say coupons influence their shopping behavior. (Inmar Intelligence)

38% of shoppers make additional purchases due to coupons. (Inmar Intelligence)

86% of customers want retailers to highlight digital coupons online. (Inmar Intelligence)

80% of shoppers choose brands they wouldn't typically buy due to coupons. (Businesswire)

Coupons influence 86% of shoppers to try new products. (Businesswire)

60% of shoppers are influenced by coupons to make quicker purchase decisions. (Businesswire)

Digital coupons are the most effective promotions for 59% of shoppers. (Invespcro)

What to make of the statistics?

The future is digital – Customers prefer acquiring coupons online and redeeming them via mobile devices, indicating a shift away from paper coupons.

It is all about coupons – Regardless of the situation, people actively seek out coupons while shopping, making them a powerful tool to incentivize frequent purchases and build customer loyalty for any type of business.

Distribution is key – A majority of consumers are directly influenced when they receive emails or special offer memos with coupons. By providing convenient access to great deals, you can attract shoppers to your store without requiring them to search elsewhere.

Embrace the digital revolution, leverage the coupon's influence, and watch your business thrive!


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