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Co-operation with partners

We are actively seeking partnerships with professionals in the retail and brand industry who encounter challenges if measuring the effectiveness of their online and offline media campaigns in-stores.

1 / Digital Signage Companies

If your company specializes in digital signage and display solutions, you can assist retailers and brands in gauging the impact of their media campaigns. By tracking customer engagement with displays, you can provide valuable data on viewing duration, the effectiveness of specific displays, and other relevant metrics.

2 / Mobile Marketing Companies

Specializing in mobile marketing, your company can help retailers and brands track the effectiveness of their media campaigns through customer engagement with mobile apps and websites. Valuable data, such as app downloads, click-through rates, and other metrics, can provide insights into customer behaviour.

3 / Customer Experience Companies

Companies with expertise in customer experience analysis can assist retailers and brands in measuring the effectiveness of their media campaigns. By analysing customer feedback and sentiment, you can offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels, areas for improvement and other key metrics.

4 / Advertising & Marketing Agencies

As experts in creating and executing media campaigns, your agency plays a vital role in helping retailers and brands reach their target audience. Your deep understanding of the media landscape enables you to identify the most effective channels and develop strategies for measuring campaign results in physical stores.

5/ Point of Sale (POS) Solution Providers

If your company offers POS systems to retailers, you can contribute to tracking and analysing customer behaviour in physical stores. Valuable insights into sales, inventory and other metrics can be leveraged to evaluate the effectiveness of media campaigns.

6/ Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Companies

If your expertise lies in digital marketing and social media management, you can help retailers and brands monitor and analyse customer engagement with digital media campaigns. By tracking metrics related to social media ads, email marketing, and more, you can develop strategies to measure the overall impact of media campaigns by linking online and offline behaviour.

7/ Retail Analytics and Data Management Companies

Companies specializing in retail analytics and data management provide retailers and brands with valuable insights. By analysing foot traffic, customer behaviour, and other relevant metrics, you enable the evaluation of media campaign effectiveness in physical stores. Integrating this data with other sources helps develop a comprehensive understanding of overall campaign impact.

Why join?

Our partners choose to incorporate our solution into their service offerings to retailers and brands for the following reasons

Target advertising

Mobile couponing allows media agencies to offer advertisers highly targeted advertising opportunities. By sending coupons to specific customer segments based on their location, interests, and purchasing history, conversion rates can significantly increase.

Measurable results

Mobile couponing provides advertisers with measurable results, a crucial aspect of campaign evaluation. Tracking the number of coupon downloads, redemptions, and conversions allows advertisers to assess campaign success accurately.

Cost effectness

Mobile couponing presents a cost-effective way for advertisers to reach a broad audience, maximizing their return on investment.

Data analysis

Media agencies can offer data analysis services to advertisers based on mobile couponing data. This data can be utilized to optimize future campaigns, target specific customer segments, and improve overall return on investment.

Customer engagement

Mobile couponing enhances customer engagement with brands, fostering increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

Become partner & join our network

By working with us, we can jointly provide targeted, measurable and cost-effective advertising solutions to advertisers. This collaboration ultimately improves the effectiveness of your and our clients' marketing campaigns and drives sales.

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