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Global omnichannel validation & redemption

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, connecting the dots of digital engagement to in-store sales and ROI is more important than ever for retailers and brands.


This is accomplished by connecting brand engagement to any purchase across the marketing ecosystem (e.g. email, social, app notifications, online folders, POS materials) with personalized offers, valuable first-party data, and path-to-purchase insights. The types of promotions are endless; you can even add gamification elements such as wheel of fortune, scratch & win, etc.


Our solution can be set up quickly, effectively and at a low cost. No technical integrations required! Our network now consists of more than 1,000,000 retail outlets for global omnichannel validation and redemption.

Ask  for our cash register integrations overview per country. If there is no integration we will make one. Very quick and at (almost) no investment.


Hyper local marketing with

Bundr is a unique advertising platform that allows brands, manufacturers and distributors to advertise and place social media posts about their brand and products through local retailer social media channels.

With a majority of consumers using social media and accessing it through mobile devices, leveraging these platforms is a crucial component of any product promotion strategy.

The great thing is, the public think the message is coming from the retail store, resulting in more credible and trustworthy reach that can drive direct sales.

What's more, the Bundr solution includes the possibility for a connected consumer journey through the use of Retail Rush Mobile Coupons.

Akzo testing mobile couponing

In 2022, Sikkens wanted to conduct two tests in the spring and autumn to determine the effectiveness of discount coupons for the acquisition of new customers for participating Sikkens points of sale.

By using these coupons Sikkens wanted to collect as many opt-ins and email addresses as possible for the Sikkens newsletter. 


Ask for the Sikkens case description via the contact page.

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