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Overview of GlobalCouponVerify Licensing Partnership Options and Additional Services

Welcome to the forefront of retail engagement with GlobalCouponVerify! Empowering partners to create and distribute client campaigns, our platform orchestrates the issuance, validation, and redemption of unique Omnichannel codes. This ensures optimized, targeted, timely, and location-specific offers, delivering maximum results for your clients' campaigns.

Omnichannel couponing license for big retail (EPOS)

Choose our comprehensive GlobalCouponVerify platform with EPOS integration for a seamless link with your clients' POS system. To enable EPOS validation and redemption of unique barcodes or QR codes, a sublicense is requisite. Collaborating with our global Validation and Redemption Partners, Retail Rush ensures a seamless validation process, streamlining redemption for both you and your clients.


Opt for a convenient sub-license plan (monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly) to access the GlobalCouponVerify platform. Pay a small monthly or yearly license fee and a nominal transaction fee for each unique and personal barcode issued and redeemed through our user-friendly EPOS application.

Additional services

Hassle-free campaign setup

Save time and resources with our partners’ professional campaign setup service. Our partner experts handle the setup process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


Personalized landing page creator

Should you require a solution to create personalized landing pages for a seamless user experience, our partners can provide a quote upon request.

Valuable consumer insights (profiling your clients’ buying customers)

Unlock the secrets of consumer behaviour with insightful reports. Understand customers' characteristics, preferences, and buying patterns to tailor your clients' campaigns effectively.

Store manager empowerment

Empower your clients' store managers with individual logins to the platform. They can access real-time results for their respective stores, ensuring better control and decision-making.


Consumer opt-ins

Capture valuable consumer data with the option for consumers to provide personal information in exchange for unique Omnichannel Coupons.

Collaborate with GlobalCouponVerify and discover the platform today to tap into untapped markets and reach a broader audience.

Chat with us now for or fill in the contact form to get a quote.​

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