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Retail Rush Mobile Coupons: bridging the gap between targeted media campaigns and measurement of in-store transactions

Retail Rush is a marketing technology company that offers personalized mobile couponing solution for retailers and brands to deploy on- and offline campaigns with unique personal barcodes to reach, move and identify  customers in an innovative data-driven way.

By using the Retail Rush Mobile Couponing Solution retailers and brands, supported by their partners, can easily create and distribute coupons and promotions to their customers via mobile devices, social media, email and traditional media channels.


The Retail Rush Mobile Coupons are unique and personalized barcodes or QR-codes that can be displayed on consumers mobile phones.

​Our revolutionary mobile coupons not only enhance your marketing campaigns both online and offline, but they also empower to achieve a 100% omnichannel strategy. Integrating a wide array of on- and offline channels seamlessly, our solution allows to effortlessly add the mobile coupons to campaigns.


Whether it's scanning them at the cash registers of countless national and international retailers or incorporating them seamlessly into e-commerce payment systems, customers can conveniently redeem discounts and promotions through their mobile devices. Embrace the power of omnichannel marketing and unlock new possibilities for your business with Retail Rush Mobile Coupons.

By using our mobile coupons, retailers and brands can offer personalized discounts and promotions to target individual consumers in a non-intrusive way, increasing sales conversion and penetration.


Additionally, the use of Retail Rush Mobile Coupons allows businesses to collect valuable data on consumer behaviour and preferences, which can be used to optimize future marketing campaigns and drive further sales growth.


As a result of these campaigns the Retail Rush Mobile Couponing Solution provides real-time insights into in-store and online transactions, allowing for better measurement of the customer acquisition costs (CAC) and return on investment (ROI) of all media campaigns and media expenditures and improving the omnichannel strategy. The solution provides a more accurate measure of the effectiveness of the campaign than simply tracking clicks or impressions.

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