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Unlock global success: Retail Rush reshapes couponing with cutting-edge global digital validation and redemption.

The issue faced by many retailers is validating and redeeming unique barcodes or QR codes at their physical store's POS systems. Retail Rush introduces their GlobalCouponVerify solution, which is a game-changer in the world of coupon validation and redemption. By guaranteeing the seamless validation and redemption of unique digital barcodes and QR codes, this innovation revolutionises the potential of coupon campaigns. Now global brands and their agencies can effortlessly extend their reach, cross international borders and take their businesses to new heights.

GlobalCouponVerify: Your gateway to unlimited growth.

Introducing GlobalCouponVerify—the solution to unlocking unmatched global reach. We've developed an all-encompassing solution that spans multiple borders, linking coupon businesses with an extensive network for POS validation and redemption throughout many countries and retail chains. This groundbreaking global validation solution fills the gap, providing both international brands and coupon businesses with the ability to broaden their horizons.

Global Coupon Verify offers a unique opportunity for businesses looking to expand across borders. Our solution is user-friendly and clears all hurdles by connecting coupon businesses with a vast POS validation and redemption network across multiple countries and retail chains. It revolutionises global validation. It offers both global brands and coupon businesses unparalleled access to untapped markets.


How we bridge the gap


Seamless integration

GlobalCouponVerify integrates with diverse POS systems worldwide to ensure a unified validation and redemption process.


Cross-border redemption

Overcome limitations. Our solution allows coupons to be redeemed at multiple retailers across multiple countries, expanding global brand reach and increasing opportunities for coupon businesses.


Retail chain compatibility

With compatibility across multiple retail chains, our solution ensures a consistent and efficient experience, providing a worldwide platform for global brand campaigns.


Global brand expansion

Extend your brand globally by accessing our extensive validation network. Now, your coupon campaigns can reach unprecedented heights beyond borders.

The result: A win-win scenario

For global brands

Easily broaden your global reach, guaranteeing that your promotions are effective across various markets.

For coupon businesses

Enhance your business expansion strategy, opening up new possibilities and partnerships with global brands.

Retail Rush, with GlobalCouponVerify, is more than a solution. It ushers in a transformative era in global coupon campaigns. Embrace the power of seamless global validation and redefine the success of your coupon business.

How it works


Create and distribute

The brand owner formulates the promotion offer, while the agency creates the campaign and defines the media channels for the distribution of the unique coupons.

GlobalCouponVerify takes care of the validation and redemption of the coupons.


Omnichannel couponing

GlobalCouponVerify issues unique codes at the right time and place, optimizing campaign impact. These unique codes are more effective than generic codes in terms of fraud prevention and security.


Validation & real-time insights

Whether validating online on ecommerce websites or in-store, GlobalCouponVerify ensures a seamless omnichannel experience. Gain real-time insights into both in-store and online transactions to better measure Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) and Return on Investments (ROIs) for media campaigns. Improve your clients’ omnichannel strategy with data-driven precision.

Measurable impact

Increased CTR

The targeted campaign sees a surge in Click-Through Rates as consumers eagerly engage with the exclusive offer.

Boosted traffic

Working with GlobalCouponVerify not only increases increase clicks, it also helps drive real traffic. Our unique Omnichannel Coupons encourage customers not just visit your clients’ online platforms but also to step into your clients’ physical stores. Experience a substantial uptick in footfall as the exclusivity of the offer becomes a magnet for eager shoppers.

Revenue uplift

It's not just about engagement; it's about the bottom line. GlobalCouponVerify delivers a tangible impact on your clients’ revenue stream. The wider scope and attraction of the exclusive offers lead to a rise in transactions, an increase in average basket sizes, and, ultimately, a significant uplift in your clients’ overall revenue.

Enhanced engagement

Beyond the numbers, there's the essence of engagement. GlobalCouponVerify doesn't just boost metrics; it fosters a genuine connection between your clients’ brand and consumers. The exclusive perks and tailored offers create memorable experiences, turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Witness a surge in brand loyalty and customer advocacy as engagement reaches new heights..

Who we work with

GlobalCouponVerify goes beyond conventional marketing. While we handle the Omnichannel code issuance, our partners play a pivotal role in creating compelling offers and targeting the right audience. Together, we create a synergy that ensures your clients’ campaigns not only reach the right audience but also deliver tangible, measurable results. Elevate your clients’ retail game with GlobalCouponVerify—where precision meets engagement.
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